Overview: MX-Series Subwoofers

MX-Series - Infinite Baffle Subwoofers

High performance and value, built for real-world marine duty.

Built alongside the M-Series subwoofers, MX-Series marine subwoofers are an affordable alternative that delivers excellent output, sound quality and reliability in moderate applications. Designed to perform in harsh marine environments, the MX10IB3 is optimized for infinite-baffle operation without the need for a dedicated enclosure. Available with white or black frames and classic or sport grille designs in white or titanium, plus a black frame with chrome sport grille option, all MX10IB3's are built to exacting standards in our Miramar, Florida factory to withstand a real saltwater environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment. Return to MX-Series Infinite Baffle Subwoofers.

JL Audio MX-Series MX10IB3-CG-WH

JL Audio MX-Series MX10IB3-SG-WH

JL Audio MX-Series MX10IB3-CG-TBMX10IB3-CG-TB

JL Audio MX-Series MX10IB3-SG-TB

JL Audio MX-Series MX10IB3-SG-CR

Frame Color / Grille Type
White / White Classic

Frame Color / Grille Type
White / White Sport

Frame Color / Grille Type
Black / Titanium Classic

Frame Color / Grille Type
Black / Titanium Sport

Frame Color / Grille Type
Black / Chrome Sport

Nominal Diameter

Continuous Power RMS

Power RMS


Mounting Depth

Baffle Use

Sealed Box

Ported Box

10 in / 250 mm

175 W

50-175 W


5.12 in / 130 mm

Yes (preferred)

2.0 cu ft /
56.6 L


MX-Series Infinite Baffle Subwoofers include the following JL Audio technologies and features:

DMA Logo Marine Tested Design Logo USA Logo

Dynamic Motor Analysis -
DMA Optimized Motor

Marine Tested Design

Precision Built in U.S.A.

JL Audio's proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis system is a powerful suite of FEA-based modeling systems, first developed by JL Audio in 1997 and refined over the years to scientifically address the issue of speaker motor linearity. This leads to vastly reduced distortion and faithfully reproduced transients... or put simply: tight, clean, articulate bass.

Building serious marine products requires a real commitment to environmental testing and materials specification. To this end, JL Audio has invested in Ultraviolet testing chambers (to simulate years of sun exposure) and Salt Fog chambers (to simulate years of exposure to salt-water environments. This testing is critical to building products that will not only sound great in your boat, but will also sound great for many, many years.

JL Audio's Miramar, Florida loudspeaker production facility is one of the most advanced in the world.

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