Overview: TW1

JL Audio 12TW1 SubwooferTW1 (Thin-Line)
Exceptional performance for tight-space, moderate power applications.

Delivering a powerful combination of shallow mounting depth, minimal frontal clearance and insanely small enclosure requirements, TW1 subwoofers are an outstanding choice for tight-space, moderate power applications. A special cast alloy frame design and our patented "concentric tube" structure compresses the driver's architecture to create a powerful and compact, low profile subwoofer design. TW1 subwoofers are available in 10 and 12-inch sizes with single 2-ohm and single 4-ohm versions to fit a wide range of applications. All TW1's are built to exacting standards in our Miramar, Florida factory to deliver truly exceptional bass quality and impact. Return to TW1 subwoofers.


Nominal Diameter

Power RMS

Power RMS


Mounting Depth

Sealed Box

Ported Box


10 in /
250 mm

300 W

75-300 W


4.36 in /
111 mm

0.35 cu ft /
9.91 L

0.625 cu ft /
17.7 L




12 in /
 300 mm

300 W

75-300 W


4.62 in /
117 mm

0.65 cu ft /
18.41 L

1.125 cu ft /
31.86 L



TW1 Subwoofer drivers include the following JL Audio technologies and features:

DMA Logo Engineered Lead Wire System Concentric Tube Suspension Logo USA Logo

Dynamic Motor Analysis - DMA Optimized Motor

Tab-Ear Frame Design

Engineered Lead-Wire System

Concentric Tube Suspension

Built in U.S.A. with Global Components

JL Audio's proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis system is a powerful suite of FEA-based modeling systems, first developed by JL Audio in 1997 and refined over the years to scientifically address the issue of speaker motor linearity. This leads to vastly reduced distortion and faithfully reproduced transients... or put simply: tight, clean, articulate bass.

This frame design feature facilitates mounting the subwoofer driver in tight spaces. By employing a tab-ear mounting system, the driver's overall outside dimensions are reduced, permitting it to be mounted in a space that is very similar to that required by the next smaller round woofer frame.

Carefully engineered lead-wire design and attachments ensure controlled, quiet lead-wire behavior under the most extreme excursion demands. (U.S. Patent #7,356,157)

Our patented Concentric Tube Suspension™ technology delivers unprecedented excursion in a low-profile woofer. (U.S. Patent #5,734,132 & #6,095,280)

JL Audio's Miramar, Florida loudspeaker production facility is one of the most advanced in the world.