C5-400cm: 4-inch (100 mm) Component Midrange Driver, Single

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4-inch (100 mm) Mid-Range Component Speaker, with Grille

This superbly-balanced 4-inch (100 mm) mid-range component speaker benefits from Kurt Müller cones and suspensions. The speaker is built on a stamped steel chassis with removable mounting tabs, which allows it to be installed in a variety of mounting applications.

A grille is included, consisting of a black grille tray and a black steel mesh grille. The grille tray also serves as a narrow-diameter mounting flange when the metal ears are removed from the speaker's frame.

The C5-400cm is designed to operate within a bandwidth of 300 Hz - 5 kHz. No crossover filter is provided with this speaker.

Sonic character: Smooth and balanced

Made in Germany, Sold individually.

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