OEM Interface

As automakers continue to abandon the stand-alone, standard-sized head-unit in favor of integrated designs, JL Audio's product development team felt that a need existed for a high-quality integration solution. This product would need to deliver world-class audio results while not interfering with vehicle functionality, safety or reliability.

To this end, we embarked on a two-year project to develop the CleanSweep® CL441dsp (US Patent #7,167,515) DSP-based solution that permits almost any factory-installed audio system to serve as the source for a high-performance aftermarket sound system. The CleanSweep® product line has now grown to four products, with the addition of the CL-SSI Signal Summing Interface, the CL-SES Source Expander Switch and the CL-RLC Remote Level Control. Each one of these products offers a unique solution to the challenges presented when integrating aftermarket audio into today's vehicles.

OEM Integration

CleanSweep® integration products are gateways between your factory-installed head unit and your high-performance aftermarket amplifiers and speaker systems.

System Expansion

The CleanSweep® System Expansion products are designed to expand the functionality of any aftermarket system by providing source switching (CL-SES) or level control capabilities (CL-RLC).

OEM Interface Accessories

Calibration CD's, replacement knobs and harnesses for the CleanSweep® products.