SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/DG: Stealthbox® for 1999-2002 Chevrolet / GMC Full-Size SUV’s, 1999-2002 Full-Size Trucks with 40/20/40 split front bench seat and Graphite interior

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If your GM Full-Size is equipped with a 40/20/40 front seat, this powerful unit converts your center seat cushion into a useful armrest and console that delivers incredible sub-bass. A potent 500 watt, 10-inch subwoofer fires down to deliver amazing up-front bass impact and fidelity.

The Hard Data: Contains one 10W3v3-2 in a sealed, down-firing enclosure. 500 watt power handling. Wired for 2 ohm mono. Does not affect storage capability of folding armrest. Stealthbox® replaces the center seat cushion and the folding armrest, but accepts the factory storage compartment after modification (storage compartment not included). Front cupholders are lost with installation.

Product Model SKU # Price
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/DG 94093 699.95
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/DG2 94163 699.95
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/GA 94094 699.95
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/GA2 94165 699.95
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/TN 94092 699.95
SB-GM-SLVCTR/10W3v3/TN2 94164 699.95

Our price: USD$ 699.95

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