Croakies® Floating Keyring

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Croakies® Floating Keyring

Croakies® Floating Keyring with JL Audio Marine Logo.

Let's face it, when you're out in the middle of the ocean, with nothing to see but the open water and nothing to hear but your favorite jams blasting through your JL Audio marine system, it's understandable to act on the urge to belly flop into the water without thinking.  It is utterly impossible to remember to empty your pockets in moments like these.  Lucky for you, we understand, and we want to help your keys stay afloat -JL Audio style- with this unsinkable Croakies® keychain.

  • 5.5 in long x 2 in wide
  • high-quality neoprene rubber
  • colorfast, washable
  • floats 3 keys

Croakies® is a Registered trademark of Croakies.

Material: Imported
Printed in USA

Our price: USD$ 6.99

Availability: Item is available.

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