JL Audio Launches New TW1 Thin-Line Subwoofer Drivers for Tiny Enclosures


Miramar, FL-August 20, 2014 - JL Audio, known for pushing the boundaries of bass reproduction in the mobile, marine, and home audio markets has begun shipping the all-new TW1 subwoofer drivers. Designed with JL Audio's patented Thin-Line woofer technology and optimized for the smallest enclosures, the TW1's are ideal for tight space installations.

The 10TW1 (10-inch) and 12TW1 (12-inch) offer outstanding fidelity thanks to DMA-optimized motor systems and highly linear, FEA-optimized suspension systems.

JL Audio's patented Concentric-Tube suspension technology keeps TW1 mounting depths very compact. The 10TW1 requires only 4.36-inches and the 12TW1 only 4.62-inches. The cast aluminum-alloy frame also features a special shape to permit multiple woofers to be mounted very close together, further enhancing the compact enclosure formula. Another clever design tweak is that the frame of the TW1's recesses the moving parts of the woofer so that less than 1-inch of front clearance is needed in the installation, without compromising excursion capability. A steel mesh grille, specifically designed for the clearance needs of each TW1, is included with each driver.

The sealed enclosure volume requirements of the TW1's are the smallest of any JL Audio 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofer ever produced. The 10TW1 requires only 0.35 cu.ft. of air space, while the 12TW1 is optimized for only 0.65 cu.ft.

JL Audio's VP Marketing, Manville Smith said: "We've always been focused on designing and producing subwoofers that combine outstanding sonic qualities with real-world installation friendliness. The TW1's offer a superb solution for installations where space is extremely limited, and they perform amazingly in these situations."

The TW1's are Built in the USA at JL Audio's factory in Miramar, Florida

10TW1 (300W, 4 ohm)

Recommended Sealed Enclosure:  0.35 cu.ft. net

Continuous Power Handling:  300W

Xmax (one-way linear): 0.40 in. (10 mm)

Mounting Depth:  4.36-inch

Front Clearance (with grille):  0.87 in.

12TW1 (300W, 4 ohm)

Recommended Sealed Enclosure:  0.65 cu.ft.net

Continuous Power Handling:  300W

Xmax (one-way, linear):  0.40 in. (10mm)

Mounting Depth:  4.62 in.

Front Clearance (with grille):  0.87 in.

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USA Suggested Retail Prices:

10TW1-4       USD$ 249.95/each

12TW1-4       USD$ 299.95/each

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