SB-B-3SER/CPE/SDN/13TW5v2: Stealthbox® for 2006-Up BMW 3-Series (E90/E92) 4dr/2dr

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BMW's audio systems have come a long way in the last few years, but they still lack in the low frequency department. The underseat factory woofers are small and can only do so much. If you're seeking a real sub-bass solution with powerful output, excellent balance and impressive low-frequency extension, this Stealthbox® was made for you.

Our 3-Series Stealthbox® design puts our patented low-profile TW5 subwoofer technology to excellent use, housing two 13.5-inch drivers in a sealed fiberglass enclosure with individual driver chambers. You'll have plenty of trunk space to spare... enough to fit a couple of golf bags or luggage for a long road trip. And with the sound quality this Stealthbox® delivers, you will enjoy every mile on those road trips.

The Hard Data: Contains two 13TW5v2-4 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure. 1200 watt power handling. Wired for 2 ohm mono. Installs in the trunk against the back of the back seats. On vehicles equipped with folding rear seats, the enclosure will prevent access between the trunk and cabin.

Stealthbox® Color & Ordering Information

MODEL SKU# PRICE Year(s) OEM Color Match Grade Woofer(s)
SB-B-3SER/CPE/SDN/13TW5v2 94283 1499.95 06-Up All (trunk liner) Excellent Two 13TW5v2-4

Color Match Grade Notes

Stealthbox OEM Color Match



Important! Anything graded lower than "Excellent" will differ from the factory color to some extent.

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Our goal is to provide all Stealthbox® products in colors that match well with factory interiors. Because of availability issues with carpet colors, some Stealthbox® colors are not precise matches at this time. The match grades below give you an indication of how precise our color match is for each Stealthbox® model.  

Over time as new carpet colors become available to us, we may upgrade the match grades for certain models. 

Perfect: Actual exact factory color and texture (dye lot may differ slightly)

Fair: Same basic color, different shade/tone

Excellent: Precise color match, different texture

Poor: Same basic color, substantially different shade/tone 

Good: Very close to factory shade/tone

Contrasts: Not intended to match any factory color. Usually black. Good choice if no "Good" or better color match exists. 

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