Miramar, FL — June 23, 2016 — JL Audio, known for producing some of the finest audio systems in the car, marine, powersports, and home audio markets, has introduced two new Digital Signal Processors (DSP), engineered to deliver the ultimate in system tuning capabilities in an easy-to-use format.

The TwK™ 88 and TwK™ D8 DSPs are designed for installation with aftermarket source units, as well as OEM interfaces like JL Audio's FiX™ OEM Integration DSPs. With powerful 24-bit processing, they provide powerful tools for users to tune audio systems with tremendous precision and flexibility.

Both TwK™ models include offer eight 10-band graphic or parametric equalizers, up to 48dB per octave crossovers for each output, powerful channel delay capabilities, as well as an input mixer, to route and/or combine signals in just about any way imaginable.  All settings can be saved as a preset and the user can cycle through active presets using the provided DRC-200 dual concentric digital remote control.

JL Audio VP-Marketing, Manville Smith said: "The TwK™ DSPs offer an unbeatable combination of audio performance, ease-of-use, and value. Our U.S.-based engineering team put a lot of effort into ensuring these DSPs met our high standards for audio performance, and they knocked it out of the park!"

To set up and tune the TwK™ processors, JL Audio has developed proprietary, Windows-based computer software called TüN™. This software includes a simple Setup Tool and an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI), that allow basic projects to be set up and tuned in a matter of minutes. Advanced and Expert modes provide two additional levels of enhanced functionality and complexity.  TüN™ is free to download at www.jlaudio.com/tun, offering potential customers the opportunity to "test drive" the GUI, before purchasing the product. 

The JL Audio TwK™ 88 and TwK™ D8 are available now and shipping to authorized dealers.

TwK™ 88

  • 8-Channel analog inputs/ 8-Channel analog outputs
  • 2 optical input options; digital coaxial or TOSLINK
  • 8 ten-band graphic or parametric EQ's
  • 6-48dB per octave crossoverTwK-88
  • Time delay for each output
  • DRC-200 and USB cable are included
  • USA Suggested Retail Price: USD $429.99

TwK D8

  • Digital input (TOSLINK optical), no analog inputs
  • 8-Channel analog outputs
  • 8 ten-band graphic or parametric EQ'sTwK-D8
  • 6-48dB per octave crossover
  • Time delay for each output
  • DRC-200 and USB cable are included
  • USA Suggested Retail Price: USD $379.99

DRC-200 Digital Remote Control (included with both models)

  • Dual concentric control (programmable functionality via TüN)
  • Panel-mountable wired remote control
  • Push-button preset selection, with color LED indicator