Miramar, FL – December 18, 2018 – Priding itself in cultivating proven internal talent, JL Audio, an innovator in high-end audio solutions, has announced the promotion of four key individuals within the company who have played a key role in helping to make JL Audio a world-class loudspeaker manufacturer.

Jeffrey Thomas, employed with JL Audio since 2005 has been promoted to VP-Manufacturing. Previously Jeffrey held the position of Director of Manufacturing. Reporting to CEO/Chief Engineer Lucio Proni, Thomas will oversee all aspects of production and devote his efforts to the continued growth of JL Audio.

Jeffrey Thomas


Jorge Olivero, with JL Audio since 2006, has been promoted to Director of Manufacturing. Jorge will be responsible for leading the following departments: Production Support, Production Technical, Speaker Production and Home Products Departments, and Manufacturing Engineering.

Jorge Olivero


 Julio Hernandez, with JL Audio since 2015, has also been promoted to Director of Manufacturing In his new role Julio will lead the following departments: Production Technician Department, Wood Shop, KOMO and Fiberglass Production, and Manufacturing Engineering.

Julio Hernandez


 David Leon has been promoted to Production Manager for Speaker Production. He joined JL Audio in August 2014. In his new role David will oversee all personnel involved in the Speaker Production line. JL Audio's recent growth and expansion now adds a second shift for some personnel and appointment is critical to the continuing success of JL Audio's Speaker Production Department.

David Leon