CL-SES: CleanSweep® Source Expander Switch

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Source Expander Switch - 3 pr. Stereo RCA Inputs / 1 pr. Stereo RCA Outputs

This one-of-a-kind, little piece of audio magic expands any stereo Aux Input to accept up to three sources!

Using standard RCA inputs and outputs, the CL-SES can be used to expand the auxiliary input capabilities of any audio device, including the CleanSweep® CL441dsp and many OEM head units.

The CL-SES employs a super-clean analog preamp section with individual, matching potentiometers. In addition, it utilizes high-quality CMOS switching to preserve the integrity of your audio signals. These allow you to adjust the relative level of the auxiliary sources for equal loudness, avoiding annoying jumps in volume when you switch sources.

Source selection is via automatic signal sensing or a manually operated switch. In automatic mode, the Inputs are prioritized so that Input A has priority over Input B, which has priority over Input C. Simply activating a source on a higher priority input automatically switches to that source. After muting a higher priority input for more than 10 seconds, the CL-SES automatically switches to the next active, lower priority source.

To activate manual override mode (disabling automatic switching), simply connect the included black push-button switch. Pressing the switch cycles through the inputs, in order, at the push of a button. In either mode, an LED indicator provides visual feedback of the selected input.

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