CTS-113-SD1400-FLT Facing Left
CTS-113-SD1400-FLT Facing Right

Fathom® CTS-113-SD1400-13TW5H
13.5" (345 mm) Custom Theater Subwoofer, 14" (356 mm) Deep Enclosure


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Custom Theater Subwoofer System with Single 13.5" (345 mm) Subwoofer, 14" (356 mm) Deep Enclosure

Born from JL Audio’s revolutionary Fathom® in-wall subwoofer system, CTS subwoofers are designed to deliver uncompromising bass performance for virtually any custom integrated application.

Centered on a groundbreaking 13.5" thin-line driver, all CTS enclosures are critically constructed with extensive internal bracing aimed at improving rigidity, while keeping a low profile and minimal wall thickness. Offered in five variants, each sealed enclosure features MDF construction with reinforced areas to facilitate direct-to-frame mounting.

The CTS-113-SD1400-13TW5H subwoofer system is driven by a rack-mountable, purpose-tuned amplifier, capable of delivering up to 1000 watts of clean power. JL Audio’s powerful DSP engine is also on hand, including our exclusive Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system to ensure a smooth response, even in challenging rooms.

Crafted for the most demanding home theater or music system applications, Fathom CTS subwoofers are engineered to deliver legendary JL Audio bass performance and fidelity.

  • Includes black steel mesh grille.
  • Enclosure finish: flat black (hidden from view when installed)
  • Enclosure construction: computer numerical control-cut high-grade MDF


CTS-113-SD1400-FLT Facing Left

Fathom® CTS-113-SD1400-13TW5H

Available in stores only