C6-650 Component System with tweeters and crossovers
C6-650 Component System Box contents with woofers, grille inserts, grille trays, tweeters with mounting fixtures, hardware and crossovers
C6-650 Woofer Overhead
C6-650 Woofer Profile
C6-650 Woofer Facing-Left with Grille Tray with Grille Insert Removed
C6-650 Woofer Facing-Left with Grille Tray and Grille Insert
Rear of C6-650 Woofer
Detail of Pair of C6-650 Crossovers, one with cover removed
C6-100ct Compoenent Tweeter Overhead
Pair of C6-100ct Compoenent Tweeters

6.5" (165 mm) Two-way Component Speaker System


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Two-way Component System: 6.5" (165 mm) Woofer, 1" (25 mm) Silk Dome Tweeter

Born from shared technologies used in our flagship C7 speakers, the C6-650 component system combines the smoothness and transparency of a premium silk dome tweeter with a top-flight component woofer to create a loudspeaker system with exceptional refinement and dynamic capability.

Benefiting from vast woofer design experience and advanced modeling systems of JL Audio, the 6.5" (165 mm) C6 component woofers feature purpose-engineered, cast alloy frames outfitted with our Elevated Frame Cooling technology. A DMA-optimized, forged and machined motor system generates outstanding midbass impact with ultra-low distortion.

The 1" (25 mm) C6 component tweeters feature edge-driven pure silk dome diaphragms for smooth high-frequency performance with remarkable off-axis response and damping. Neodymium motors and ferrofluid cooling provide high-magnetic flux and improved reliability with extended response from a very compact motor system. Surface- and flush-mount fixtures are included to fit a wide variety of installation applications. 

Premium passive crossover networks are included with each C6-650 component system. Featuring four levels of tweeter adjustment, these outboard filter networks are equipped with premium polyester film and electrolytic capacitors as well as low-loss air-core inductors — all accessible beneath a protective, polycarbonate cover. Each C6 passive crossover also includes an advanced electronic tweeter protection circuit designed to minimize the possibility of tweeter failure.

C6 Woofer Features:
• Forged and machined motor plates with DMA-optimized geometries to create linear motor force under power, leading to outstanding midbass impact, linearity and low distortion
• Large diameter, linear profile, flat spider for linear compliance and outstanding excursion capability
• Center cap designed to optimize 
the high-frequency response of the woofer for seamless transition to a tweeter’s response
• Oversized voice coil for extended power handling capability, minimizing thermal compression and distortion at higher listening levels
• Cast 
alloy frame with our Elevated Frame Cooling feature
• Includes fine mesh grilles

C6 Tweeter Features:
• Edge-driven pure silk dome design delivers smooth high-frequency performance, with excellent off-axis response and damping
• Neodymium motor delivers high magnetic flux from a compact motor design
• Ferrofluid cooling and damping improves reliability and response smoothness
• Includes surface- and flush-mount fixtures

Woofer grilles are included, each consisting of a black grille tray and a fine steel mesh grille with an electroformed JL Audio badge logo.

Speakers are sold as a pair.

C6-650 Component System with tweeters and crossovers


Available in stores only