Weatherproof Source Unit with Full-Color LCD Display

Weatherproof Source Unit with Full-Color LCD Display - 25 Watts x 4 @ 4 Ω

Wired, Full-Function NMEA 2000® Network Controller with Full-Color LCD Display for use with MediaMaster®

Round, wired, non-display remote controller for use with MediaMaster®

MediaMaster®: Achieving amazing sound on the water has never been easier, thanks to our MediaMaster® source units. Specifically engineered for marine and powersports applications, each model is outfitted with a variety of tuner and connectivity options, plus multi-zone level controls, for maximum listening flexibility and convenience. Every MediaMaster® is NMEA 2000® Certified for direct integration with vessel networks, allowing control functionality from a variety of Marine Multi-Function Displays* (MFD). 

If top-quality audio is your priority, a MediaMaster® belongs on your boat. 

MBT Bluetooth® Receivers: Designed for all your outdoor adventures, JL Audio’s MBT Bluetooth® products are in their element on your boat. The super-tiny MBT-RX Bluetooth® Audio Receiver can be hidden in almost any installation location, allowing you to conveniently control your tunes from your mobile device. The versatile MBT-CRXv2 Bluetooth® Controller/Receiver adds track and volume controls and connects directly to an amplifier as a stand-alone source unit/receiver. 

Great audio doesn't have to be complicated.