CVS212RG-W6v2: Dual 12W6v2 ProWedge, Sealed, 4 Ω

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Two 12W6v2-D4, sealed enclosure, rear-firing, black vinyl/carpet finish, 4 Ω final impedance, steel mesh grilles included.

Four ProWedge systems harness the power, small box requirements and sound quality of W6v2 subwoofer drivers to deliver stunning output and stellar sonics in a variety of vehicles and applications.

Very compact, rear-firing designs with angled back panels allow these enclosures to rest against the rear of the back seat, while firing towards the rear of the vehicle.

Stylish, durable black vinyl (front and side surfaces) and black automotive grade carpet (top, back and bottom) give these systems a clean, upscale appearance. Sturdy steel mesh grilles are included to protect the drivers. Five-way binding post connectors are used for secure, flexible connections.

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