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JL Audio In-Ceiling Subwoofer System wins CE Pro's 2019 Best Product award at CEDIA Expo


The Fathom ICS-SYS-108 takes top honors at CEDIA Expo.

Read More » Verdict Awestruck! Rayner hears the new JL Audio C7


"The C7 speakers from JL Audio are absolutely stunning. Their speed and attack and dynamism is equalled only by their astonishing clarity, purity and ability to resolve seriously detailed recordings."

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Feature: Car Audio Without Compromise - JL Audio's Approach to Building Their Best Car Speakers Yet.


Crutchfield's Alex Hrabe visits JL Audio Headquarters in Miramar, FL to listen to the new ultra-premium C7 car speakers.

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Catch these JL Audio Partner Vehicles at SEMA 2016


JL Audio has teamed up with top-class builders from around the world and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

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JL Audio Partners with Bass Music Movement and Dirtybird Records


JL Audio is pleased to announce a partnership with Bass Music Movement (BMM), an organization based in the United Kingdom which hosts an annual awards campaign dedicated to electronic music and heavy bass, the Bass Music Awards (BMAs).

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The Absolute Sound: JL Audio e112 Subwoofer Review


"Despite “light on its feet” agility, the e112 also delivers tremendous bottom-end authority. It’s this combination of finesse and impact that makes the e112 such a stand-out in a crowded field—and at an eminently affordable<

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JL Audio New Product Introductions for 2015


Find a complete list of JL Audio New Product Introductions for 2015.

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JL Audio New Product Introductions for 2014


Find a complete list of JL Audio New Product Introductions for 2014.

Read More » JL Audio e110 Subwoofer Review


"Whoa. Not only was the bass appreciably loud, it was whistle clean."

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Canada HiFi Magazine: World's First Review of the CR-1


Malcom J. Gomes gets a first look at the CR-1 Crossover.

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