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LoC 22

Fully Active, Line Output Converter


The affordable, premium alternative to passive line output converters.

The LoC™ 22 is purpose-built for applications requiring the attenuation of factory audio signals for connection to aftermarket amplifiers.

Equipped with a fully regulated, switching MOSFET power supply and an all-analog circuit design, the LoC™ 22 delivers flat frequency response, at any signal level (3 Hz – 32 kHz, +0, -1dB), without altering bass response at high levels, like many passive line output converters do.

Engineered to combat induced cable noise, the LoC™ 22 features a differential-balanced input architecture making it compatible with virtually any analog audio signal. Capable of accepting up to 40V RMS per channel (equivalent to 400W @ 4 ohms), the LoC™ 22 easily handles the most powerful factory amplifier outputs. An onboard dual-range input load switch allows compatibility with most factory amplifiers that employ impedance detection to mute channels.

Ideal for full-range or low-frequency applications, the LoC™ 22 is outfitted with a pair of analog RCA-type, line-level output jacks (up to 8V RMS) to feed audio signals to your aftermarket system. Analog outputs are compatible with most types of aftermarket signal processors or amplifiers.

Setting output levels is super simple, thanks to a specially calibrated, onboard clipping indicator that works with test tones or music. The LoC™ 22 offers two automatic turn-on methods and provides a positive 12V turn-on output to activate aftermarket amplifiers or other downstream electronics.

Great audio starts with a clean signal!


High-Voltage, Dual Load Impedance Inputs


High-Voltage Line Outputs


Ultra-Clean, Analog Circuit Design

Super Tiny

Fits just about anywhere!


Since the introduction of the CleanSweep®, our very first DSP product introduced in 2004, JL Audio remains committed to helping our customers achieve great audio. This has resulted in the creation of numerous technologies and products designed to advance and elevate the boundaries of audio performance. Today, we offer a range of innovative solutions to overcome OEM challenges, as well as optimize and enhance your audio listening experience.