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Optimize the Bass for your Space!

Your listening room or theater is an integral part of your sound reproduction system. The physical dimensions of the room and its furnishings, materials, doors and windows play an important role in defining how your system sounds.

When you place a sound source in an enclosed rectangular space, “standing waves” are created, resulting from the relationship between the sound’s wavelength and your room’s dimensions. In other words, standing waves result from sound energy that is trapped in the room as it bounces back and forth between opposing walls. Standing waves in the room create acoustic peaks and dips where the sound is either louder or softer, based solely on your physical position in the room. Energy also “builds up” at the room’s boundaries, creating exaggerated bass response at certain frequencies. These fundamental room resonances are called room “modes.”

Use our setup suggestions below to experiment with both your listening seat position and subwoofer position to find the best solution. Careful experimentation usually leads to a superior sounding system.

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