SB-GM-4GSUVCNSL-10TW1 Stealthbox
Cutaway of SB-GM-4GSUVCNSL-10TW1 Stealthbox Showing Subwoofer
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SB-GM-4GSUVCNSL-10TW1 Stealthbox Installed in Vehicle
Vehicle image for SB-GM-4GSUVCNSL-10TW1 Stealthbox

Stealthbox® for 2015-2020 Full-Size SUV’s with Front Bucket Seats and Factory Console


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The fourth generation full-size SUV from GM gets all-new, luxurious interiors, along with major enhancements in performance and technology. Unfortunately, the stock audio systems continue a track record of weak bass reproduction. There also isn’t much room for a conventional subwoofer design, without compromising people and cargo space.

To neatly solve this problem, our engineers have designed a subwoofer solution that installs invisibly, inside the factory console, with zero loss of console storage space.

Featuring 100% fiberglass construction, this Stealthbox® is equipped with a down-firing 10-inch TW1 thin-line subwoofer in a sealed enclosure design.

The Hard Data: Contains one 10TW1-2 in a sealed enclosure. 300 watt power handling. Wired for 2 ohm mono. Stealthbox® installs inside forward-most portion of front center console, without affecting storage space or cup holders. Replaces the OEM “subwoofer” system, if vehicle is so equipped.

Stealthbox® products are built to order in Miramar, Florida and shipping times vary depending on individual model demand (typically several weeks from order date).

SB-GM-4GSUVCNSL-10TW1 Stealthbox


Available in stores only