SB-CAN-PODS1-M770 Stealthbox Installed in Vehicle - View of Cockpit from Left
SB-CAN-PODS1-M770 Stealthbox Installed in Vehicle - Rider View
SLPK-CAN-SPYDER1 SlamPak Amplifier Installed in Vehicle Front Trunk
Vehicle image for SLPK-CAN-SPYDER1 SlamPak
SLPK-CAN-SPYDER1 SlamPak Installed in Vehicle - Rider View
SLPK-CAN-SPYDER1 SlamPak Installed in Vehicle - View of Cockpit from Left

SlamPak™ for 2007-2016 Can-Am Spyder RS Roadster


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SlamPak™ Audio System for the 2007-2016 CanAm Spyder

The Can-Am Spyder creates a totally new riding experience... one that's even more invigorating with a really great audio system cranking out your favorite music!

It all starts with custom-engineered aerodynamic pods housing a pair of our 7.7-inch marine component speakers. These are specifically designed to project clean, powerful sound in open air, and they do a great job mounted on the Spyder. The pods are styled to blend beautifully with the sleek lines of the Spyder and are positioned to give you and your passenger excellent sound quality.

We didn't stop there... We also engineered a Stealthbox® subwoofer solution that mounts inside the forward storage compartment and features our potent 8W3v3 driver. A special kit vents the storage compartment to maximize bass output without letting moisture in.

An ultra-compact and efficient 400 watt, four-channel XD amplifier mounts on top of the Stealthbox®, bringing the entire audio system to life. The supplied HD-RLC Remote Level Control can be mounted in the front of the vehicle to be used as an easily accessible subwoofer level control.

All of the speakers used in this system, as well as the fiberglass enclosures are built in our Miramar, Florida factory with global components.

This SlamPak™ package contains:

1 pr. Fiberglass Speaker Pods with M770-TCX-SG-TB 7.7-inch Marine Component Systems
1 ea. Fiberglass Stealthbox® Subwoofer System with 8W3v3-4 Subwoofer
1 ea. XD400/4 Four-Channel Amplifier
1 ea. System wiring harness (includes power, speaker and signal wiring)
1 ea. HD-RLC remote level control
Illustrated installation and setup instructions.

Fits GS and RS models. Will not fit RT, ST or F3 models.

Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow an additional 5 days for order processing.



Available in stores only