XDM500/3 Amplifier Facing Left
XDM500/3 Amplifier Facing Left with control panel cover removed
XDM500/3 Amplifier Connections Panel
XDM500/3 Amplifier Box Contents of Amplifier, Badge, Control Panel, Mounting Screws and Allen Wrench
XDM500/3 Amplifier Overhead with green power indicator illuminated
XDM500/3 Amplifier Overhead with green power indicator illuminated and control panel cover removed
XDM500/3 Amplifier Rear Facing Right

3 Ch. Class D, Car/Marine System Amplifier, 500 W


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3-Channel Class D Car/Marine System Amplifier, 75 W x 2 @ 4 Ω + 300 W x 1 @ 2 Ω - 14.4V



Small enough to fit in just about any tight space application, the XDM500/3 is the perfect amplifier for a simple audiophile-grade, subwoofer / satellite system. With its three channels of versatile output, you can drive a pair of quality component speaker systems with plenty of clean power, while also delivering a stout 300 W to your subwoofer system. The technology that makes this much power possible in such a small chassis is our advanced NexD™ switching amplifier design.

Suitable for car or boat installations, the XDM500/3 is built with marine-grade materials and features an exclusive, dual-mode input filter for noise-free performance in boats or cars. Automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) is also onboard for easy factory system upgrades.

The XDM500/3 includes a 12 dB / octave high-pass filter for its main channels, plus a variable slope low-pass filter for its subwoofer channel. Both filters offer continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-500 Hz. With the addition of an optional HD-RLC or MHD-RLC (water-resistant) remote level controller (each sold separately), you have the ability to adjust the level of all amplifier channels or just the subwoofer channel directly from the driver's seat or helm.

Finished in a sleek, black powder-coat, all controls are protected beneath a gasketed, removable top cover for easy access.


XDM500/3 Amplifier Facing Left


Available in stores only