ZR800-CW: 8-inch (200 mm) Midbass Driver

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8-inch (200 mm) Component Woofer, with Grille

Our reference quality ZR component speakers are made for those seeking the highest possible levels of audio performance and are the pinnacle of the JL Audio component speaker lineup.

The ZR800-CW is a supremely powerful, dedicated mid-bass driver designed for infinite-baffle or door-mounted custom installations. This potent driver benefits from JL Audio's vast woofer design experience and advanced modeling systems and is capable of operating down into the sub-bass range, if needed. Upper frequency response extends comfortably to 1 kHz.

The long linear excursion design keeps distortion low while unleashing the full dynamics of the most powerful listening material.

A woofer grille is included, consisting of a black grille tray and a black steel mesh grille with an electroformed "ZR" logo.

When nothing but the best will do, choose ZR.

Sonic character: Accurate and detailed

Sold individually.

Our price: USD$ 229.99

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