M7 Raises the Bar for Style and Heavy-Hitting Bass Performance in Open Air Environments

Miami, FL – February 13, 2020 – JL Audio today announced the new 12-inch M7 marine subwoofer for infinite baffle opertion, which will be positioned as the flagship of the company’s marine subwoofer lineup. The massive M7 is able to handle more than twice the power of JL’s potent 10-inch M6 subwoofers; and takes advantage of that extra power with greater woofer excursion than any other JL Audio marine subwoofer. Combine that prodigious excursion with a whopping 61% more cone area than the M6 10-inch, and you have a subwoofer with 2.25 times the air displacement capability of its smaller cousin. This results in over 6 decibels of additional output capability. As fun as all that extra output capability can be, there is more to the story than sheer power. M7 subwoofers are designed to precisely reproduce powerful, high-impact, low-distortion bass that will impress listeners with its balance, depth and sound quality.

The M7 follows the same grille designs as the M6 line of marine speakers, which are found in numerous new boats from leading boat manufacturers around the world, M7 can be seamlessly integrated into any style of boat to add powerful bass. Two grille designs are available: “Classic,” featuring an all-white slat grille design and “Sport,” which features a split-spoke grille design. The latter comes in two color schemes: Gloss White, or Gunmetal/Titanium dual metallic finish. JL Audio’s patented Transflective™ RGB LED illumination technology is also available as an option on all M7 subwoofers, providing a striking lighting effect, with no hot spots or reflections on the cone surface.

“M7 is the most powerful and efficient infinite baffle subwoofer we’ve ever developed for marine use,” said Dwayne Spanbroek, Vice President Loudspeaker Engineering at JL Audio. “These massive, stylish subwoofers reward boaters with powerful, high-quality bass that takes marine audio to new levels, while our exclusive Transflective RGB illumination technology provides a striking visual enhancement.”

All materials, fasteners and assembly techniques utilized in manufacturing M7 subwoofers are carefully engineered to ensure reliability and durability in real marine applications, including saltwater exposure. Component parts, materials and complete subwoofers are subjected to rigorous environmental testing to ensure they exceed industry standards for corrosion and UV resistance.

M7 subwoofers join the extensive list of JL Audio products built at the company’s Miramar, Florida factory, with components sourced from the company’s global supply network.

M7 subwoofers will be sold by JL Audio’s car audio and marine dealers, and will also be incorporated into select new boats as original equipment by the following boat brands: Barker Boatworks, Berkshire, Blackwater, Boston Whaler, Chaparral, Cigarette, Contender, Deep Impact, Iconic, Manitou, MTI, Mystic, Nautique, Nortech, Premier, Sea Vee, Sportsman, Southbay, and Trifecta.


M7 Subwoofer Specs:

  • 12" 4-ohm marine subwoofer
  • Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with synthetic rubber surround
  • Centrex polymer basket and grille, with stainless steel back plate
  • Gold-plated, marine-grade brass binding posts
  • Marine-grade synthetic fiber spider
  • Designed for infinite baffle installations
  • 600 watts continuous power handling (RMS)
  • Sensitivity: 86.7 dB
  • Mounting depth: 7.94 in / 202 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years

JL Audio also offers a marine-grade RGB lighting controller (Model MLC-RW) that features a compact, mount-anywhere form factor and an easy-to-use, rotary knob for adjusting the speakers’ illumination color and intensity. This RGB controller works seamlessly with M7, M6 and M3 products, as well as most other RGB lighting options installed on a boat.