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C3 Speakers

Fidelity, made flexible.

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A C3 car audio speaker installed on a door.
A C3 car audio speaker installed on a door.

Outstanding audio performance with maximum versatility.

There are times when an installation calls for a separate woofer and tweeter, and there are other times when a coaxial is the better approach. With C3 Convertible Component Systems, the same product can be deployed in either configuration, delivering amazing sound quality in each application.

C3’s deploy JL Audio’s full suite of technology advancements to deliver unsurpassed value, performance and reliability. An advanced woofer frame design takes advantage of glass-reinforced polymer to permit better engineering of attachment points, leading to superior suspension geometry and lead wire management. Long woofer excursion capability with DMA-optimized performance delivers superb mid-bass and clean mid-range output, while the powerful 1-inch (25 mm) silk dome tweeter delivers brilliant high-frequency performance. Rounding out each package is a purpose-engineered, adjustable passive crossover network.

Compare the C3’s to any other component speaker system in their price class, and you will hear the results of all that technology.

Convertible Components

Sometimes a coaxial is the best solution... and sometimes you need to mount the tweeter separately. It’s great to have complete flexibility.

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A diagram showing installation of tweeters in C3 speakers for audio upgrade flexibility.
A diagram showing installation of tweeters in C3 speakers for audio upgrade flexibility.


JL Audio’s engineering department is at the forefront of research into fundamental loudspeaker behavior. We have developed proprietary analysis systems and invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing. This has borne numerous products widely considered as reference standards and has also resulted in many U.S. and International Patents issued for technologies that refine and extend the audio performance envelope.

A side by side comparison view of C3 650 with tweeter component and without.

Converts from Coaxial to Components

• Easily converts from coaxial to a component system in seconds!
• Multi-hole patterns on 5x7-inch, 6-inch and 6.5-inch woofers permit mounting into most factory provisions.
• Shallow mounting depths.

A pair of C3 650cw car audio speakers in different angles.

Long Excursion Woofer Design

• DMA-optimized for better bass response and output capability.
• Oversized 1.2-inch (30.5 mm) woofer voice coils for superior power handling, less distortion and better overall fidelity at high levels.
• Non-magnetic, composite basket is extremely tough and will never corrode.
• Elevated Frame Cooling™ improves power handling and sound quality by minimizing heat build-up in the woofer motor.

A pair of C3 100ct car audio tweeters.

1-inch, Pure Silk Dome Tweeters

• Much smoother and cleaner sounding than typical plastic tweeters.
• Can deliver excellent highs and imaging, even at low mounting positions.
• Includes flush, surface or coaxial mounting options.

A pair of C3 xo car audio units

Premium Outboard Crossovers

• True, 2-way crossover design using premium components.
• 1st order low-pass filter and 2nd order high-pass filter architectures.
• 3-position midrange compensation for optimization of coaxial or separate tweeter mounting.
• 4-position tweeter level to set the brightness of the system according to mounting location or listener tastes.

5.25-inch (130 mm) Convertible Component/Coaxial Speaker System

5 x 7 / 6 x 8-inch (125 x 180 mm) Convertible Component/Coaxial Speaker System

6.0-inch (150 mm) Convertible Component/Coaxial Speaker System

6.5-inch (165 mm) Convertible Component/Coaxial Speaker System