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Custom-Fit Speakers

Factory-fit, next-level sound.

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detail view of front dash in a Chevy Silverado, showing CF speaker installed
detail view of front dash in a Chevy Silverado, showing CF speaker installed

Great sound and a perfect fit...

Custom-Fit speakers are engineered to deliver amazing sound in many of today’s most popular vehicles, including those from Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Toyota and many more. Specially designed to handle harsh heat and UV exposure, Custom-Fit speakers feature compact composite frames with breakaway mounting tabs and built-in, low-profile grilles for maximum mounting compatibility in factory locations. All Custom-Fit models include external, high-pass filters for use as mid-range treble speakers in passive systems or use them actively as true mid-range or mid-tweeter drivers, and create great-sounding, 2-way or 3-way systems.


Shown: Toyota 4-Runner

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Toyota 4-Runner driver side dash viewed from outside front A-pillar
Toyota 4-Runner driver side dash viewed from outside front A-pillar


JL Audio’s engineering department is at the forefront of research into fundamental loudspeaker behavior. We have developed proprietary analysis systems and invested heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing. This has borne numerous products widely considered as reference standards and has also resulted in many U.S. and International Patents issued for technologies that refine and extend the audio performance envelope.

Overhead view of a single CF-350mt speaker on white background

Engineered for Performance

• Ultra-light, fiber-reinforced pulp cones with custom “S” roll surround for excellent efficiency and extended high-frequency response
• DMA-Optimized motor systems offer excellent dynamic motor behavior for outstanding linearity and low distortion.
• Progressive-roll, flat spiders for linear compliance
• Neodymium magnets for light weight and optimal flux density.
• Glass-filled, high-temperature, polymer speaker frame with insert-molded terminals
• Low-profile, perforated metal grille fits behind factory trim and provides excellent UV protection in dash locations.

Overhead view of a single CF-275mt speaker on white background

Designed for easy, drop-in installations

• Direct fit in popular vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Ram, Jeep, Toyota and many more
• Shallow mounting depths and breakaway mounting tabs maximize compatiblity across numerous vehicle makes and models

Set of CF-350mt speakers on white background

Flexible Filter Options

• In-line, 2nd order, high-pass filters included for application as mid-tweeters in passive systems
• Can also be deployed in active systems as true mid-range drivers, or as mid-tweeters

2.75" (70 mm) Mid-Tweeter Speaker System

3.5" (90 mm) Mid-Tweeter Speaker System