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JLINK™ TRX wireless kit in a dark sleek setting.
JLINK™ TRX wireless kit in a dark sleek setting.

Wireless cables?

The JLINK™ wireless audio system is designed for all those situations where running audio signal cables is impractical, but audio quality cannot be compromised.

The JLINK™ TRX kit connects any two line-level audio devices together via a bit-perfect, wireless protocol that retains the full fidelity of your audio signals, without the compression of lossy wireless systems.

If you wish to expand your JLINK™ setup, up to four JLINK™ RX receivers can be connected to a single JLINK™ transmitter, delivering audio signals to multiple points in your home. Up to three JLINK™ transmitters can operate in a home, each on its own wireless channel, and each connected to up to four JLINK™ RX receivers.

• Bit-Perfect Digital PCM Stereo Wireless Technology (16 bit / 48 kHz)
• Indoor range up to 100 feet (30 meters)
• Outstanding fidelity in subwoofer or full-range applications
• RCA-type input/output connectors are compatible with most audio equipment
• Receivers include JLINK™ direct connection port for use with compatible JL Audio products

Top view of JLINK™ TRX wireless unit.

The JLINK™ audio wireless system transmits crystal-clear, lossless audio between components over distances up to 100 feet (30 meters). The JLINK™ system is suitable for full-range audio or subwoofer signals.

Rear connection ports to the JLINK Transmitter Unit.

The JLINK™ Transmitter connects to your audio system via a pair of analog inputs with RCA-type jacks.

Rear connection ports to the JLINK Receiver Unit.

The JLINK™ Receiver offers analog outputs via RCA-type jacks or a direct, powered connection to the JLINK™ port on a compatible JL Audio subwoofer.

Underside of JLINK unit, revealing switch.

A switch on the underside of each JLINK™ unit assigns it to one of three RF channels, allowing multiple JLINK™ systems to operate independently in a home.

Wireless, High-Fidelity Audio Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Wireless, High-Fidelity Audio Add-on Receiver