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Audio Measurement System

MAX™ Audio Measurement System with yellow background.
MAX™ Audio Measurement System with yellow background.

MAX™ Audio Measurement System

MAX™ is a professional-grade, 5-microphone, dual FFT measurement system designed for general audio system measurements, system tuning with DSP, troubleshooting and testing equipment, and solving OEM integration challenges. With accuracy on par with professional test equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars, MAX™ lets you to tune, test, troubleshoot and analyze virtually ANY audio system in detail, from car audio, marine audio, home and professional audio, even live audio.

For VXi and MVi amplifier users, MAX™ includes full integration of amplifier DSP controls to vastly simplify your measurement setup, allowing you to perform analysis and DSP adjustments with one computer and one software application: TüN® 4, which offers micro-automations that speed up equalization and channel delay setting.

Input panel of MAX unit.
Input panel of MAX unit.

Wide Range of Inputs: five microphones (included), high-level analog signals (up to 80V), low-level analog signals (up to 7V), optical digital signals (S/PDIF)

Output panel of MAX unit.
Output panel of MAX unit.

Multiple Signal Outputs: built-in DAC feeding analog line level outputs and headphone outputs, plus optical digital output (S/PDIF)

Full set of Max Kit, showing all parts included.

What is in the Kit?

The MAX-KIT includes the MAX™ hardware interface, five measurement microphones, a multi-mic fixture, mounting accessories, cables and power supplies, all packed in a locking, waterproof hard case. You supply your preferred stand or tripod for the microphone fixture.

5 microphone array kit.

5-Mic Array

Get the best measurements possible with 5-microphone averaging! MAX™ multiplexes up to five included microphones to conduct single FFT measurements of level and frequency response (RTA and spectrograph).

An open hard case with MAX kit.

Ready to go!

Streamline the tuning of audio DSP products in real-world environments. Simply connect the hardware, place the microphone array, launch TüN® software and go!

A diagram showing Dual FFT measurements.

Dual FFT

Conduct Dual FFT measurements of up to five simultaneous transfer functions with precise displays of magnitude (frequency response), phase, impulse response (delay) and coherence (noise immunity).

3D measure measures level, frequency, and time.

3D Measure

MAX™ measurement accuracy is on par with professional test equipment that sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

A VX400 amplifier.

Powerful Automations with VXi and MVi amplifiers

Automatic True Delay feature sets VXi/MVi channel delays in a flash, far more accurately than any other method. Autoset EQ feature sets the VXi/MVi parametric EQ’s to your selected target, in seconds. You can also overlay VXi/MVi equalizer controls over the frequency response display to perform precise, manual EQ adjustments with real time visual feedback.

A home theater setting with a pair of Fathom v2 subwoofer units.

Home Audio/Theater Applications

Quickly test room modes for subwoofer placements and accurately adjust crossover and phase controls for a seamless transition to the subwoofer. 

MAX kit being used to measure sound on a boat with marine speakers.

Marine Audio Applications

Evaluate individual or multiple audio zones onboard throughout a vessel for frequency response and level.


Audio Measurement System

Download and test-drive all TüN® software versions in simulation mode for free (No MAX hardware needed).

MAX™ Audio Measurement System