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Fathom® IWS in-wall subwoofer system

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The Gotham® v2 powered subwoofer

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The E-Sub powered subwoofer

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Home Audio

In-Room Powered Subwoofers

Subwoofers are an essential part of any great audio system—stereo or multi-channel. They also are our specialty. From the diminutive d108, to the awe-inspiring Gotham®, JL Audio’s in-room powered subwoofers have received the highest accolades from audio reviewers and demanding audiophiles around the world. Within each model is a specifically engineered subwoofer driver and an optimized electronics package with unique JL Audio technologies.

Audition our award-winning lineup at your authorized retailer and hear the difference a superb subwoofer can make.

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Architectural Subwoofer Systems

The same minds that engineered JL Audio's reference-grade Fathom® and Gotham® powered subwoofers have created a series of outstanding subwoofer systems designed to disappear in custom installations. This means you can expect real JL Audio subwoofer performance, not a weak facsimile.

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Outdoor In-Ceiling Speaker

Pavilion™ in-ceiling speakers are engineered to deliver remarkable audio performance and durability in outdoor residential applications. Each model features a low-profile mounting bezel with an integrated tweeter bridge and a flush-mount grille for a discreet visual appearance. All Pavilion™ speakers utilize an innovative mounting system that permits a rock-solid installation in a wide range of ceiling materials.

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CR-1 Active Subwoofer Crossover

It simply did not exist, so we had to build it. The CR-1 is peerless as a high-end, fully adjustable active crossover. Built with the highest grade components and an all-analog signal path, the CR-1 performs subwoofer to main speaker crossover functions in a stereo application, while also acting as a bridge to a multi-channel system.

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JLINK™ Wireless Audio

Ideal for scenarios where running an audio cable is impractical, the JLINK™ TRX system transmits crystal-clear, lossless audio between components over distances up to 100 feet (30 meters). The JLINK™ system is suitable for full-range audio or subwoofer signals.

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Fathom® IWS-108

Product Spotlight


2008-2022 “Editors’ Choice”

The Absolute Sound

“If it weren’t just a subwoofer, this would be a national treasure – or a secret weapon.”

Darryl Wilkinson, Home Theater

“Subwoofers of the Gods”

Chris Martens, The Perfect Vision

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