Nautique Paragon featuring WakeSub

Patented WakeSub™ technology provides a more impactful watersports experience by allowing those being towed or wakesurfing behind the boat to hear and feel the music

Miami, FL – February 13, 2020 – JL Audio announces the launch of WakeSub™, a new hidden subwoofer technology designed to complement the powerful JL Audio tower speaker systems on boats. Emitting low-frequency audio at the boat’s wake zone, WakeSub™ transforms the music listening experience for those being towed or surfing behind the boat.

The WakeSub™ system consists of two JL Audio enclosed bandpass subwoofer systems that are integrated deep into the aft portion of the boat’s hull, completely hidden out of sight and not intruding on passenger space. Low frequency sound waves are generated through tuned ports, from the hidden enclosures to apertures located at each end of the boat’s transom. The result is a complete engulfment in powerful, deep bass as you ride or surf behind the boat.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with boat builders to engineer audio systems that deliver extreme performance and durability. With WakeSub™, we’re extending that legendary JL Audio sound from the boat’s passenger area to the wakes and waves behind it,” said Ora Freeman, Director of OEM Sales, North America at JL Audio. “While tower speakers do a great job at projecting a broad spectrum of sound behind the boat, they physically can’t produce the same high-impact, low frequency response that a dedicated subwoofer can. WakeSub™ was engineered to do exactly that, without having to hang any bulky subwoofers off the tower.”

Several features of WakeSub™ are designed to protect the system from the elements, such as a self-draining design should any water enter the apertures for the ports. JL Audio has been issued U.S. Patent #10,362,389 for the WakeSub™ technology.

Intended to be integrated into boats early in the design process, JL Audio’s WakeSub™ technology is available to boat manufacturers today, along with the company’s robust line of feature-rich source units, powerful amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and enclosed tower speakers that have been rigorously engineered for marine applications. Nautique Boats is the first boat manufacturer to integrate this technology, as an option for the Studio Elite sound package offered on all-new Super Air Nautique G23 and G25 Paragon boats.