Steve Turrisi Headshot

Stephen Turrisi, VP–Technical Services

Those who work with Steve and know him well are very aware that he is the consummate “company person” and a tireless ambassador for JL Audio in the field. From his beginnings as Technical Support Specialist in 1995, to his extensive international sales and training efforts, to his current role as the head of JL Audio’s Technical Support and Training Teams, Steve has had a huge impact on the company’s collective success. His keen mind, infectious enthusiasm and desire for continual improvement have made him a professional who is respected throughout the industry. Recently, Steve has also become integral to several important product development projects, working closely with JL Audio’s EE teams. This promotion to Vice President-Technical Services recognizes the importance of his role in developing the future of the Technical Services team as JL Audio continues to grow.

Andrew Sheehy Headshot

Andrew Sheehy, VP–Creative

JL Audio continually receives compliments from customers, other manufacturers and industry people about the look and feel of the JL Audio brand. While these results come from a collective effort, the primary guidance and creative genius has been provided by Andy Sheehy. JL Audio has enjoyed these benefits since the early 1990’s when Andy worked for JL Audio from his own design studio, and since 2001 when he joined JL Audio full time. In addition to his design skills, Andy is also highly organized and proactive in tackling important projects requiring serious attention to detail and diligence. His perspective and clear thinking consistently shine when the going gets tough and he always manages to make JL Audio look great. As the company continues to grow, Andy’s skills will serve him very well as Vice President-Creative, leading JL Audio’s creative team to new heights.


Bryatt Fischer Headshot

Bryatt Fischer, VP–Marketing

Since joining JL Audio in 2016, Bryatt Fischer has provided a major horsepower boost to our Marketing team. With prior experience in our industry and the aftermarket automotive space, Bryatt’s mastery of current and emerging marketing technologies have served JL Audio very well. Bryatt’s big picture outlook, organizational skills and willingness to tackle big challenges have led to several important breakthroughs for JL Audio. From complex video projects, to outsourcing trade show operations, to organizing event campaigns, and dozens of other projects, Bryatt has consistently applied initiative and drive to improve our game. In recognition of all this, Bryatt Fischer’s promotion to VP-Marketing is richly deserved. The company is really looking forward to the next few years as he further builds the marketing team to meet the challenges ahead.


Jeremy Dawson, Online Marketing Director

Jeremy joined the JL Audio team in 2002, as a Graphic Artist in the three-person Marketing Department. Since then, he has become a key member of the JL Audio marketing team, most recently managing our online marketing activities. In addition to his considerable design talent, Jeremy has an aptitude for working with data and does so with incredible attention to detail. As JL Audio’s webmaster, he maintains and He manages all of the e-mail marketing efforts and participates in many other marketing projects. As digital marketing efforts expand, JL Audio is pleased to recognize the importance of this role by promoting Jeremy to Online Marketing Director.


Bill Hamze Headshot

Bill Hamze, VP–Vehicle Systems R&D

Bill started at JL Audio in 2001, working in the Technical Support Department. He later transferred to the R&D department, designing Stealthbox products, displays and show cars. There was always a fire under him, looking to do things better, make them cooler, and develop new skills. Twenty years later, Bill may have traded his toolbox for a computer running the latest and greatest CAD software, but that fire to learn and make cool things still burns strongly. Bill is a certified Solidworks Expert (self-taught on his own time) and is in the process of mastering CATIA, another advanced CAD package. Bill’s computer design skills are top-level for sure, but he has also proven to be skilled at working with JL Audio’s OEM customers, designing products that meet all their stringent specifications. He works closely with the company’s suppliers and production teams to make sure that products that bear the JL Audio name deliver great performance and quality to our customers. Bill has led an important design team to be much more important and has done an excellent job mentoring and developing the skills of his whole team. In recognition of his outstanding efforts, results achieved and the importance of Vehicle Systems R&D to JL Audio’s business, we are very pleased to promote Bill Hamze to the position of VP-Vehicle Systems R&D.


Mike West Headshot

Mike West, Vehicle Systems R&D Director

Mike started with JL Audio in 2010 in the Technical Support Department, eventually rising to Manager of that team. In that role he established important policies and implemented the Zendesk system, which is now deployed across several departments at JL Audio. Mike’s ability to work with data and to use software have delivered big results in the Vehicle Systems R&D department. Mike is also highly organized and results-driven, coordinating projects and managing workflows to maximize his team’s performance. His initiative, hard work and smart ideas are a big reason why JL Audio has been successful expanding the scope of VS R&D. We are very pleased to promote Mike to the Director level in recognition of his outstanding efforts and the role he plays in the department.