System Tuning DSP controlled by TüN software, 8-ch. Analog & Digital Inputs / 8-ch. Analog Outputs

System Tuning DSP controlled by TüN software, Digital INPUT ONLY / 8-ch. Analog Outputs


Armed with a 24-bit digital signal processor, our TwK™ System Tuning DSPs deliver exceptional system tuning functionality, precision and flexibility.

Both TwK™ models feature eight channels of crystal-clear, analog audio outputs. An unprocessed, optical (Toslink) digital output is also included, so you can expand a system with additional TwK™ DSPs, if needed. The included DRC-200 Digital Remote Controller adds additional control and status reporting capabilities from the driver’s seat.

To control the tuning horsepower of the TwK™ DSP, connect a PC via USB, running our TüN™ Software. TüN’s easy-to-use setup screens deliver simple, menu-based selections to create new projects quickly, with multiple input and output configurations. Once set up, you have full access to a wide selection of EQ, Crossover, Delay and Level adjustments to precisely achieve your desired audio results.

Whether you’re an audio beginner, passionate enthusiast or dedicated audiophile, TwK™ DSPs put an amazing set of tuning super-tools right in your hands!


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