Water-Resistant Master MAXI™ Fuse Block

Master ANL Fuse Block

Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 80 Amp

Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 50 Amp

Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 60 Amp

Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 40 Amp

Waterproof, Ignition Protected Circuit Breaker: 30 Amp

Most everyone agrees that blade fuses are the most reliable and safe choice in a boat's battery compartment. The only problem is that, until now, most large blade fuse holders were difficult to install in tight spaces (often requiring as much as one foot of linear space with wire attached).

Our Master ANL Fuse Block gives the installer the ability to route the wire in and out of the fuse holder in virtually any direction, making it easy to integrate an ANL fuse solution in even the tightest spaces. To accomplish this feat, each connection is designed to rotate to one of five different wire entry angles. For smaller gauge wires and fuse values lower than 100A, our MAXI®-fused Master Fuse Block provides a compact, high integrity solution that fits in the tightest spaces.

Both models feature our exclusive OmniSert™ Captured Wire Connectors to accept a wide range of wire gauges without the need for inserts, and Marine-Grade Stannum-plated brass construction to ensure maximum connectivity and durability. High-temperature polycarbonate bases and covers protect from short circuits.

For systems where moisture cannot be completely avoided, our circuit breakers offer the ultimate in safety and protection for marine applications. Available for loads up to 80A, all models are waterproof (IP67 rated) and include external ignition-protected, stainless steel connection points.