Fathom® ICS-SYS-108
8-inch (200 mm) In-Ceiling Powered Subwoofer System

Fathom® ICS-SYS-208
Dual 8-inch (200 mm) In-Ceiling Powered Subwoofer System

Most people are familiar with in-ceiling speakers, and with the fact that they generally are not very strong in the low-frequency range. Even at background listening levels, they can sound tinny and weak. A strategically-placed in-ceiling subwoofer can support multiple pairs of ceiling speakers in a large space, totally transforming the quality of the sound. In-ceiling subwoofers can also be used in home theater applications and small listening rooms.

Our ICS in-ceiling subwoofer systems are fully worthy of the Fathom® name, with outstanding low frequency extension, dynamics and sound quality—and all the signal processing features of their in-room counterparts. Each Fathom ICS system consists of one or two in-wall cabinets, plus an outboard, rack-mountable amplifier.

Fathom® In-Wall/In-Ceiling Subwoofers