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DSP Inside

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology is a vital process in audio engineering that makes use of specialized processors and mathematical algorithms to measure and modify digitized audio signals. Using DSP, we can precisely manipulate digitized audio signals, either automatically or via user adjustment. DSP is also used to monitor and control audio signals presented to input and amplifier circuits, much more precisely than analog approaches.

Detailed Information

DSP can be found in a wide range of modern audio products, with many different levels of capabilities, functions and prices. It can be used for a wide range of audio tasks, from noise cancellation in headphones, to voice recognition, to audio signal adjustments that are useful for tuning audio systems in boats, homes, cars and powersports applications.

The power and size of DSP chips can vary widely, from tiny ones found inside earbuds to the high-power, multi-channel audio chips used in high-end home theater processors and JL Audio MVi/VXi amplifiers. These more powerful processors are not unlike computer CPUs, except that they are optimized for DSP audio workloads, which require specialized mathematics, processes, and functions. They can also handle multiple operations in parallel for much faster processing, with lower clock speeds than a computer CPU. Like a racecar optimized for a particular type of racing, the audio DSP is optimized to process audio data, in multiple channels, efficiently and accurately.

JL Audio’s unique DSP technologies are developed by a dedicated team of JL Audio engineers who specialize in digital audio. This team works closely with major DSP chip providers to engineer DSP solutions that better address the needs and challenges of each product application. They also develop and maintain JL Audio’s free TüN software, which is the control hub for setup of most JL Audio DSP products.

JL Audio DSP-equipped products include:

MVi Marine Amplifiers
• VXi Car Amplifiers
• FiX® Car Audio OEM Integration Processors
TwK® Car Audio System Tuning Processors
• MAX Audio Measurement System
Gotham® v2 and Fathom® v2 Home Subwoofers
Mediamaster® Marine Source Units