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Electronics Technology

A Fathom F113z2 subwoofer with a calibration mic set on the top surface.
A Fathom F113z2 subwoofer with a calibration mic set on the top surface.

In addition to a top-quality driver, the performance of a powered subwoofer system depends heavily on its electronics package, where amplification and precision signal processing need to work as one.

Essential Amplification

An inherent challenge in the design of a compact subwoofer system is that extremely high power is required to reproduce strong, deep bass from small enclosures. The driver needs to be up to the task of handling the heat and excursion, and the amplifier must provide high levels of clean, controlled power. If either one falls short, you begin to hear distortion and dynamics lose their realistic edge.

JL Audio launched its first switching Class-D amplifier design over two decades ago, at a time when the technology was just emerging. Over the past twenty years, we have continually refined our amplifiers, applying unique solutions to the specific challenges of low frequency performance.

From the 500 watt amplifier in the tiny d108, to the massive 4,500 watt unit built into our flagship Gotham®, every JL Audio subwoofer amplifier is a unique design, not available anywhere else in the world, and perfectly matched to its application.

Signal Processing

Signal processing plays several vital roles in a powered subwoofer; enabling user-adjustable features, providing room response optimization, and controlling the baseline performance of the subwoofer system.

With expertise in both analog and digital signal processing, we apply the appropriate technology in each subwoofer design. For example, Gotham® and Fathom® systems apply digital signal processing (DSP), while E-Sub™ and Dominion® systems utilize analog processing.

Every model offers a series of adjustment controls, designed to help integrate your subwoofer(s) with your audio system and your listening space.

An image of the calibration mic used for the DARO technology.
An image of the calibration mic used for the DARO technology.

Digital Automatic Room Optimization

In typical listening spaces, subwoofer and listener placement have a profound effect on the accuracy of low-frequency reproduction. We always recommend that you place your subwoofers in good-sounding locations, but we know that real world concerns can get in the way. In a home, subwoofer placement almost always involves a compromise between sonic performance, practicality, and aesthetics.

To address this dilemma head on, we developed a technology called Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.). It is extremely powerful, yet simple to use. You will not need a computer or complex measurement equipment.

Once you have placed your Gotham® or Fathom® subwoofer in your room, you will connect the calibration microphone to your subwoofer, place the microphone at the listening position, and press a button. The subwoofer will self-generate a series of test signals, which allows D.A.R.O. to measure your room’s low frequency acoustics. Once the measurements are completed, D.A.R.O. will automatically configure the subwoofer’s DSP (specifically its 18-band, 1/6 octave equalizer) to optimize the frequency response of your JL Audio subwoofer for your room and your listening position.

D.A.R.O. is included in all Gotham® and Fathom® models, including the IWS and ICS systems. The D.A.R.O. calibration microphone is included with all models, except the 8-inch Fathom® IWS and ICS systems.

A top view of the Gotham G213v2 subwoofer.

The Gotham® g213v2

JL Audio’s exclusive D.A.R.O. technology, a powerful DSP, and 4,500 watts of clean amplifier power is included in our flagship in-room subwoofer.

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Front view of Fathom v2 f112v2 subwoofer.

The Fathom®

The combination of a very powerful switching amplifier and an ultra-long throw W7 13.5-inch driver.

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The SAv2 Subwoofer Amplifier

With built-in DSP, D.A.R.O. technology, and up to 2000 watts of power from a massive amplifier, the 13.5-inch Fathom® IWS systems compare very favorably with the best in-room subwoofers.

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A front face view of the SA-600w home audio subwoofer amplifier.

The SA-600W Amplifier

To maximize performance in any room, our Fathom® IWS and ICS-108 systems include this slim 1U subwoofer amplifier with DSP and D.A.R.O technology.

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