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The design of outdoor products requires extensive materials testing to achieve reliability and longevity.

Detailed Information

Building serious outdoor products requires a real commitment to environmental testing and materials specification. To this end, JL Audio has invested in Ultraviolet testing chambers (to simulate years of sun exposure) and Salt Fog chambers (to simulate years of exposure to salt-water environments). This testing is critical to building products that will not only sound great for your home, but will also sound great for many, many years.

ASTM International Standards

B117 - Salt/Fog Test Standard: The salt/fog test standard provides accelerated aging in a controlled corrosive environment to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals.

D4329 - UV Test Standard: The UV test standard is intended to induce property changes associated with end-use conditions, including the effects of sunlight, moisture, and heat.

JL Audio marine speakers and subwoofers easily exceed industry norms for salt and UV exposure.

Image of JL Audio's Salt Fog testing chamber. Image of JL Audio's Ultraviolet testing chambers.

Materials used:

• Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene cone bodies with synthetic rubber surrounds, specifically formulated with UV inhibitors for marine duty.

• Marine-grade, synthetic fiber spiders with progressive roll designs to withstand high humidity.

• Specifically engineered polymer baskets are corrosion and UV-resistant and encapsulate the woofer's motor system to prevent corrosion.

• Gold-plated, marine-grade brass connection terminals.

• Marine-grade stainless steel mounting hardware is included.