Pair of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Lit with Aqua
M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Tilted Lit with Green
Front Overhead M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Lit with Red
Rear of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Facing Right
Detail of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Lit with Green
Pair of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker on Black, Lit Blue
Detail of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Lit with Red

6.5-inch (165 mm) Marine Coaxial Speakers, Gray Metallic Sport Grilles with RGB LED Lighting


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M3 Standard Flange 6.5-inch Marine Coaxial System (60 W, 4 Ω) - Gray Metallic Sport Grille with RGB LED Illumination

Purpose-engineered and built for real marine duty, M3 coaxial systems deliver excellent performance at a more affordable price than our maximum-performance M6 models.

The M3-650X 6.5-inch coaxial speaker is designed around the standard marine 6.5-inch speaker format and features a wide mounting flange with a six hole mounting pattern.

The long excursion woofer design and excellent power handling make your music come through loud and clear at speed, or at anchor. The woofer design is optimized to operate with a large volume of air behind it (at least 2 cu. ft. / 57 l). Operating this coaxial system in less space will compromise its low frequency performance.

A 0.75-inch pure silk dome tweeter, specially treated to withstand the marine environment, handles the high-frequency duties. Silk has been chosen for its lightness, excellent damping properties and smooth response characteristics.

Integrated into the Sport Grille’s frame, the internal LED lighting assembly was meticulously designed to uniformly illuminate the woofer’s cone area with a lively glow, adding a dramatic visual experience to your high seas journey. Add an optional RGB controller to create thousands of color variations. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Although M3-650X Coaxial Systems can be used with as little as 20 W per channel, for best audio performance we recommend amplifiers capable of between 75-100 W of continuous power per channel.

Sold as a pair.

Pair of M3-650X-S-Gm-i Coaxial Speaker Lit with Aqua


Available in stores only