Front of M6-103EWS-Gw-C-GwGw-L Marine Enclosure Facing Right
Detail of M6-103EWS-Gw-C-GwGw Marine Enclosure Mounting Hardware
Rear of M6-103EWS-Gw-C-GwGw Marine Enclosure Facing Left

3-Way, Full-Range Enclosed System, Sealed, Left Side



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M6 3-Way, Full-Range Enclosed Speaker System, Gloss White, Black Tweeter Mesh, Left-Side (250 W, 4 Ω)

This amazing large-format speaker system combines the power of our maximum-performance 10-inch marine subwoofer with our 7.7-inch coaxial speaker to deliver true full-range, high-output performance in open-air marine installations. It is ideal for larger vessels and party decks where quality, high-output sound is needed.

Each enclosure consists of two individual chambers. The larger chamber houses the subwoofer and is precisely tuned to deliver outstanding quality sub-bass response in an open-air boat installation. Loaded inside, is our maximum-performance M6-10W-C-GwGw-4 10 in. subwoofer. The smaller chamber houses our M6-770X-C-GwGw maximum-performance coaxial.

This system is designed for a bi-amplified application with an active crossover, where the subwoofer is powered by its own amplifier (or channel), with a low-pass filter set at 80 Hz. The coaxial driver needs to be powered by another amplifier channel with a high-pass filter set at 80 Hz. For best results, the subwoofer should be powered with an amplifier in the 150-250 W range, while the coaxial driver should be powered with an amplifier in the 75-150 W range.

Please note that there are specific models for left-side and right-side installations. A grommet is provided for exiting the speaker cables, and a solid aluminum mounting plate with stainless steel hardware is also provided to secure the enclosure to the mounting surface. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this system is built to withstand a real saltwater marine environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment. 

Production of all M6 loudspeakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials.

Sold individually.

Front of M6-103EWS-Gw-C-GwGw-L Marine Enclosure Facing Right