M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker Pair
Front Overhead of M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker
Profile of M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker
M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker Tilted
Rear of M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker Facing Right
Front of M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker Facing Left

6.5-inch (165 mm) Marine Coaxial Speakers, Gray Metallic Trim Ring, Titanium Sport Grille


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M6 6.5-inch Marine Coaxial Speakers (75 W, 4 Ω) - Gray Metallic Trim Ring, Titanium Sport Grille

Purpose-engineered and built for real marine duty, M6 coaxial systems deliver maximum audio performance in any open-air boating environment.

A DMA-optimized, long excursion woofer design and excellent power handling ensures your music will come through loud and clear at speed, or at anchor.

A 0.8-inch pure silk dome tweeter, specially treated to withstand the marine environment, handles the high-frequency duties. You will appreciate the clean, articulate high-frequency response of the M6 dome tweeter, especially at higher volume levels.

A multi-order, true 2-way passive crossover is concealed within the woofer chassis, shielded from vibration and corrosion. Also included, is an automatic, solid-state tweeter protection circuit to minimize the possibility of tweeter failure.

Although M6-650-X Coaxial Systems can be used with as little as 25 W per channel, for best audio performance we recommend amplifiers capable of between 75-150 W of continuous power per channel.

Production of all M6 loudspeakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials.

Sold as a pair.

M6-650X-S-GmTi Coaxial Speaker Pair


Available in stores only