Front of MHD600/4-24V Amplifier Facing Left with Control Panel Cover on
Front Overhead of MHD600/4-24V Amplifier
Front of MHD600/4-24V Amplifier Straight on showing Control Panel
Connection Panel of MHD600/4-24V Amplifier
MHD Amplifier Wired Connections

4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier, 600 W, For 24V Systems


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For 24V systems only: 4-Channel Class D Marine Full-Range Amplifier, 150 W x 4 @ 1.5-4 Ω

This compact, multi-channel powerhouse employs our Single-Cycle Control switching design and R.I.P.S. technology to deliver 150 W x 4 or 300 W x 2. Tight power supply regulation keeps distortion down and maximizes sound quality.

The MHD600/4-24V is the ideal satellite amplifier, delivering huge dynamics with pristine resolution. It can also be deployed, on its own, as a very capable 3-channel system amplifier with 150W x 2 to the satellites and 300W x 1 to a subwoofer system.

This marine amplifier features white and gray powder-coat finishes, a gasketed cover for the controls and stainless steel hardware for durability in the marine environment.

This amplifier is designed for operation in vessels with 24 volt, negative-ground electrical systems. Use of this product in vessels with positive ground and/or voltages other than 24 V may result in damage to the product and will void the warranty.

Front of MHD600/4-24V Amplifier Facing Left with Control Panel Cover on


Available in stores only