The JL Audio MAX™ Certification program is intended to provide attendees with the necessary knowledge to analyze and interpret audio measurements. The program will provide background knowledge on general audio principals, data acquisition, and the impacts that different environments can have on an audio system.

Through a mix of classroom style instruction, interactive demonstration and hands-on workstations, attendees will not only learn the theories behind audio measurements and sound system optimization, but also gain the confidence to measure and optimize any audio system. There will certainly be the opportunity to listen to some great sounding systems, but the main focus of the course is to learn the "how's and why's" of audio measurements and system tuning.

The program spans four days, including a welcome reception, two and a half very full days of instruction and a celebratory dinner that you will not soon forget. This course is not intended for beginners. Attendees are expected to have some foundational knowledge and should be comfortable using JL Audio's TüN® Software and MAX™ Audio Measurement System. Since the class is focused on using MAX™, all attendees are expected to have immediate and unrestricted access to a complete system before and after the class (there is no need to bring one to the course).  

Attendance is by invitation only with three requirements:

  1. You must own or have immediate access to a MAX™ Audio Measurement System.
  2. You must have thorough expertise using TüN® and MAX™.
  3. You must complete a short quiz provided by JL Audio.

Here is what some past attendees have to say about the program:

"This is a “must attend” class for everyone that’s into car audio. The ability to learn how to measure and analyze signals electronically and acoustically, setup and tune a system from scratch, learn everything about phase and tips on how to combat them hands-on in real world situations would be greatly beneficial for anyone in this field. It was even a bonus for me to pick up some store front skills. I closed my shop to attend the class and I’ll do it again if given the opportunity. I can’t say thanks enough to JL Audio and the training team for hosting such a spectacular event."
– Kevin Mullings, Audiowize, LLC

"Training done right. As I wrap up the third day here, I have to give a shout out to JL Audio and the amazing trainers. What a world class event. The information presented was of the highest level I’ve seen as it pertains to audio system tuning and the hospitality is second to none. I’m happy to say I will be leaving with much more knowledge than I arrived with, and I will be using those skills to bring even better tunes to my customers."
– Jeffrey Hald, Mobile Toys, Inc., 3x IASCA single seat Triple Crown Winner

"I recently attended JL Audio’s MAX™ Certification Training. This training was the best, most well thought out training I’ve ever attended. The class time and workshop time was perfect. Having the engineers on hand was awesome especially to see the passion they have put into the development of TüN® and MAX™. My ability to get great staging in a car was so much better after the class."
– Michael Bischoff, Traffic Jams Motorsports

"I am incredibly honored to have been part of the first ever JL Audio MAX™ Certification Training. What a fantastic couple of days with some fantastic people. I’m super proud of the training team and everybody at JL Audio for how awesome of a job they did on this. 10/10. I picked up some great new information and ideas, things to do some research into, and DEFINITELY things to test in a vehicle. I definitely have much, much more to learn. But the validation of all the work and time I’ve been putting into all of this knowledge chasing, both on the technical side of things and the continued improvement of understanding sound is a super good feeling."
– Drew Jones, Bassahaulic Productions


If you are interested in attending our MAX™ Certification event, please send an email to