For the past three years, the creators of Ślepsk shipyard, one of Europe's largest boat manufacturers located in Poland, have been discreetly working on their own line of vessels. Known as Wiszniewski Yachts, in honor of the company's founder Józef Wiszniewski, this project has now reached its final stage of completion. The shipyard, renowned for constructing approximately 3,000 boats annually for various businesses, can finally showcase their own brand of watercraft.

Partially veiled Wiszniewki Yacht - W43, The culmination of 35 years of expertise in the construction of motor yachts

Veiled only by a project name, W43 promises to be out of this world. JL Audio is proud to have been a part of W43s journey from the drawing boards. Knowing all the ins and outs of the design, JL Audio was able to make stunning audio designs, where top of the line speakers and electronics were matched perfectly to perform optimally in their acoustic environments. JL Audio’s modus operandi, based on more than 50 years of designing, building and installing sound systems in boats, cars and residences paved the way for what we created for W43. Together with Wiszniewski, we believe the W43 is an outstanding sounding yacht. We really stepped up our game to fulfill our promise of delivering overall top notch audio quality without any compromise to match the quality levels of W43.

Wiszniewski Yachts’ vision of modern classic design, premium comfort and an exceptional levels of fit and finish is one you’ll want to see.

The W43 will be on display at boot Düsseldorf in Hall 1, stand A71.