Absolute Beasts.

The term ”overbuilt” gets thrown around a lot, but in the case of the W0v3’s, it actually applies. With beefy 2.0 or 2.5-inch voice coils and our patented Elevated-Frame Cooling, they’re certainly capable of handling power. Proprietary DMA-optimized motor systems offer best-in-class excursion capability, with increased output and better sound quality.

Product Line Overview

In simple terms, when the going gets loud, the W0v3’s are built to perform like no other woofers in their price class, making them the “go to” choice for those seeking high performance from an affordable subwoofer system.

You simply won’t find a better performing woofer in its price class!

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USD$ 119.99 10-inch (250 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω


USD$ 139.99 12-inch (300 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω


USD$ 219.99 15-inch (380 mm) Subwoofer Driver, 4 Ω
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