Single M6-10W, Matte White Fiberglass Sealed Enclosure, Gloss White Trim Ring, Gloss White Classic Grille, 4 Ω

Single M6-10W, Matte Black Fiberglass Sealed Enclosure, Gray Metallic Trim Ring, Titanium Sport Grille, 4 Ω

The FES enclosed subwoofers are offered with 10-inch M6 subwoofers, and in two distinct looks: black with a sport-grille, or white with a classic grille. They feature 100% fiberglass construction with a smooth gel-coat finish, for years of reliable service. The sealed enclosure design is optimally matched to the subwoofer driver for clean, extended bass performance.

Because the routing of wires will depend on the specific installation location, these systems do not include a wiring terminal. A speaker cable hole must be drilled into the enclosure, wired and sealed as part of the installation process.