Single 10W6v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported, 2 Ω

Single 10W3v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported, 2 Ω

Single 12W3v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported, 2 Ω

Single 12W6v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported, 2 Ω

• Patented chamber-coupled, slot-ported designs
• Port wall integration / internal bracing ensures structural integrity
• Built in USA with global components.

The W7AE H.O. Wedge systems are designed to extract the immense output capability of the W7AE drivers, while still retaining world-class sound quality. Each is properly sized and tuned to the optimum ported alignment for the 12W7AE and 10W7AE and is shipped wired, loaded and ready to install. Based on the design of the W7AE High Output systems, the W6v3 and W3v3 "H.O.'s" are also designed to perform at serious output levels. These woofers have the benefit of smaller enclosure requirements than the W7AE's, making these H.O. Wedges more compact and easier to place.