Single 6W3v3 MicroSub, Ported, 4 Ω

Single 8W3v3 MicroSub, Ported, 4 Ω

Dual 8W3v3 MicroSub, Ported, 2 Ω

Single 10TW1 MicroSub, Ported, 2 Ω

Single 12TW1 MicroSub, Ported, 2 Ω

It features thin-wall construction with extensive internal bracing to maximize internal air space. The bass output is so powerful, tight and deep that you simply won’t believe you’re listening to these smaller enclosed systems. MicroSubs are the answer to many space-limited installation problems and people all over the world are quickly realizing, with a MicroSub, big things are possible.

Built in USA with global components.