Front of ICE-108 In-Ceiling Subwoofer Facing Left
Rear of ICE-108 In-Ceiling Subwoofer Facing Right
Detail of ICE-108 In-Ceiling Subwoofer
Front of IWE-108-SUB In-Wall Subwoofer0 Facing Left
Front of SA-600W Amplifier Straight On
Rear of In-Wall Subwoofer Amplifier showing Connections Panel
Connection Panel of SA-600W Amplifier
Front of SA-600W Amplifier Facing Left
Front of IWG-108 In-Wall Grille Facing Left
Exploded ICE-108 In-Ceiling Subwoofer

Fathom® ICS-SYS-108
8-inch (200 mm) In-Ceiling Powered Subwoofer System


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In-Ceiling Subwoofer System with Single 8-inch Subwoofer, 300 watts

Created from the same innovative technologies used to develop our free-standing powered subwoofers, the Fathom® ICS in-ceiling subwoofer systems are engineered to deliver outstanding bass performance, with nearly unlimited placement freedom.

Purpose-built to disappear into the ceilings of most home audio/theater environments, the 8-inch Fathom® ICS systems are designed to fit 2" x 6" or larger ceiling joists and a wide range of assembled joist widths, while operating through very small grilles. The grille’s clever design accommodates all common drywall thicknesses and can be easily painted to match a room’s decor.

The subwoofer enclosures utilize extensive architectural features aimed at improving rigidity while keeping a very low profile and minimal wall thickness. A unique port design vents through a slot located at the perimeter of the driver mount to enhance efficiency and low-bass output. Inside the enclosure is a long-excursion, 8-inch thin-line woofer, built to exacting standards by JL Audio for the Fathom® ICS products.

Each 8-inch Fathom® ICS system is driven by a rack-mountable amplifier with up to 600 watts of clean power, programmed specifically for each system, and capable of driving up to two enclosures. A complete set of Fathom® signal processing features is also onboard, including our powerful, 18-band Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system, and high-pass crossover outputs, all accessible via an easy-to-use, menu-driven interface and LCD display. Note: D.A.R.O. functionality requires optional calibration microphone (sold separately).

The ICS-108 System fits 2" x 6" ceiling joists or larger, with assembled joists ranging from 16-inches to 25 1/2-inches on center. Consult your Authorized JL Audio Dealer for specific application information.

Enclosure Finish: Flat Black (hidden from view when installed)

Grille finish: Primer White (paintable)

Enclosure Construction: CNC-Cut Birch Plywood



Front of ICE-108 In-Ceiling Subwoofer Facing Left

Fathom® ICS-SYS-108

Available in stores only