4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier with Integrated DSP, 400 W

4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier, 600 W

4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Marine Amplifier, 400 W

4 Ch. Class D Full-Range Amplifier, 500 W

JL Audio's electronics engineering team is the most experienced in the industry, and we task them with creating unique marine amplifiers that offer high value, in every price category. Whichever model you choose, you will reap the benefit of our team's experience, and their total commitment to quality and innovation.

Four lines of amplifiers to make your audio system play louder and sound much better (at all listening levels).

MVi: state-of-the-art marine amplification with NexD2™ switching technology and an integrated digital signal processor (DSP)
MHD: classic high-power switching amplifiers with regulated power supplies and analog signal processing
M: compact best-sellers with super-efficient NexD™ amplification and analog signal processing 
MX: ultra-compact, efficient and affordable amplification, ideal for smaller boats, PWC's, UTV's, and golf carts

24V: Select models in the M and MHD lineups are available for use in 24V systems.

Remember: when you're running at full throttle to get to your favorite fishing spot, your favorite songs will sound screechy and distorted without a proper amplifier in the system. We can’t let this happen.