A pair of CF-350mt
Single CF-350mt Straight on
CF-350mt Box Contents with inline filters and mounting screws

3.5" (90 mm) Mid-Tweeter Speaker System


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Custom-fit (CF) Speaker System: 3.5" (90 mm) Mid-Tweeter

Engineered to deliver amazing sound from factory locations, CF speakers are designed with shallow polymer frames and breakaway mounting tabs for maximum compatibility in today's most popular vehicles, including those from Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, Toyota and many more. 

CF drivers benefit from our proprietary FEA modeling and expertise in loudspeaker design. This knowledge is used to create speakers that can play loudly, while maintaining a smooth, dynamic low-distortion sound. At the core of the CF-350mt mid-tweeter is a proprietary 3.5" (90 mm) composite frame and a DMA-optimized motor system. An ultralight, fiber-reinforced pulp cone with a custom "S" roll surround delivers excellent efficiency and extended high-frequency response. A flat, progressive-roll spider ensures linear compliance, while the neodymium motor packs astonishing energy from an ultracompact and lightweight package. Each speaker's glass-filled, high-temperature polymer frame is outfitted with insert-molded terminals and a low-profile perforated metal grille to easily fit behind factory trim, while providing excellent UV protection in exposed dashboard locations.

For passive applications as midtreble speakers, in-line second order high-pass filters are included to enhance smoothness and improve power handling. CF-350mt speakers can also be used actively as true midrange or mid-tweeter drivers to create outstanding two-way or three-way systems. For active applications, we recommend a high-quality digital signal processor (DSP), such as the JL Audio TwK® DSP or a VXi amplifier with built-in DSP, and the recommended bandwidths below.

Design Bandwidth:
With 24 dB/octave filters: 400 Hz-20 kHz
With 12 dB/octave filters: 500 Hz-20 kHz 

Enjoy factory-fit and next-level sound from OEM locations with CF speakers!

Speakers are sold as a pair and include built-in grilles.

A pair of CF-350mt


Available in stores only