Front of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Facing Left with grille
Front of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Facing Left
Rear of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Facing Right
Profile of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial
Front of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Overhead with grille
Front of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Overhead installed with grille
Detail of M6-880X-L-GwGw tweeter bridge and magnet grille mounting flange

8.8-inch (224 mm) Marine Coaxial Speaker, White Trim Ring, White Luxe Grille


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M6 8.8-inch Marine Coaxial Speaker (125 W, 4 Ω) - White Trim Ring, White Luxe Grille

M6 Luxe speakers are purpose-built to deliver top-flight audio performance and durability in luxury marine installations. Each model is outfitted with a low-profile mounting bezel with integrated tweeter bridge and a fine mesh grille for minimal protrusion into cabin space. The result is a discreet visual appearance able to blend in with the finest vessel surroundings.

The same principle that allows our 7.7-inch marine speakers to dominate over conventional 6.5-inch designs is delivered in a more powerful dose with our M6-880X 8.8-inch coaxials. These 8.8-inch diameter monsters offer significant performance advantages over our 7.7 inch models, and a huge advantage over conventional 6.5 inch marine speakers. Thanks to 36% more cone area and almost double the excursion capability, the M6-880X's are capable of +6 dB greater low frequency output than our M6-770X 7.7-inch coaxial systems! The bass is so impressive that the M6-880X can be used without a subwoofer while still packing a very serious low-frequency punch. Used with a subwoofer, they offer vastly better dynamics and mid-bass impact than smaller speakers, making them the best choice when ultimate performance is desired.

To make sure that the high-frequencies sound just as good as the bass, our engineers have designed an oversized, 1.25-inch, silk dome tweeter for this model. This new tweeter plays louder, cleaner and extends lower in frequency to better mate with the 8.8-inch woofer. A multi-order, true 2-way passive crossover is concealed within the woofer chassis, shielded from vibration and corrosion. Also included, is an automatic tweeter protection circuit to minimize the possibility of tweeter failure.

Although M6-880X Coaxial Systems can be used with as little as 50 W per channel, but for best audio performance we recommend amplifiers capable of between 50-250 W of continuous power per channel.

Production of all M6 loudspeakers takes place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida factory, using global components and materials.

Sold individually.

Front of M6-880X-L-GwGw Marine Coaxial Facing Left with grille


Available in stores only